When Christmas is just another day

When I was younger, Christmas was probably the most anticipated day of the year. I knew Christmas was coming when my grandma would start praying the rosary everyday starting from the first of December. My grandfather would spend days working on putting lights up around his house, while my grandmother would build a beautiful “nacimiento” that took up half the living room. The days slowly got shorter and colder but it was always warm and welcoming in my grandparent’s home. Since we are a Mexican family, we have always celebrated with a big Christmas eve dinner until midnight to welcome the beginning of Christmas day together. Christmas eve was a night spent with my big family eating tamales(which we were not allowed to eat before we all prayed as a family), dancing, and enjoying each other’s company. I remember the laughter and the fun I had dancing to songs my mom and aunts used to dance to when they were young. My cousins and I impatiently waited for the clock to tick 12 to open the presents, never really caring what the present was but just wanting the excitement of ripping through the perfectly wrapped boxes. We even started to have “snowball” fights using the tissue and wrapping paper from all the presents, which would quickly end after we accidentally broke something and pissed off all the parents.

Now that I’m older Christmas is different. It’s never as exciting as it once was when I was younger, especially since my grandparents moved back to Mexico a couple years back. I have actually come to kind of hate the holiday season. It starts earlier and earlier every year and somehow you can never escape the relentless Christmas carols on repeat since before Thanksgiving. Despite this, I was able to appreciate a very nice Christmas eve dinner with my family this year. Maybe it was because I have been away for so long since I started college that I truly appreciated just being around all my family once again. Although it will never compare to Christmas when I was younger, I’ve learned that in the end it really isn’t about the presents, carols, or Christmas trees. It really is just about getting together with family and enjoying each other’s company by sharing stories and some good laughs. Family has always been an important aspect of my life and I’m glad I’m back home to appreciate them again for a little while. I hope you all enjoy the season with your loved ones. Take care and enjoy this photo of my little brother and me in our modeling days.

IMG_20151225_0002 (2)
My brother and I for our 2002 family Christmas card.

love always,

Montse x

When Christmas is just another day

Still learning…

Over the past few years, I have started several blogs. Each dying quickly or not living up to what I wanted them to be due to a lack of time/energy to maintain a blog. My new year’s resolution is that this blog will be different. A lot of things have changed since the last time I started a blog, I have learned more about myself and what I want to do. I have decided to do this as a creative outlet and also to hopefully bring me closer to figuring out what I want to do with my life.
In early August, I moved to San Francisco for college and I’ve learned a lot about what it means to grow up and be my own person since then. I’ve been able to manage my time for school and work, but have not dedicated enough time to doing things that make me happy such as: reading, writing, listening to music, learning to play guitar, etc. This upcoming semester I’m going to dedicate more time to myself and with that time I hope to create something I’m proud of with this blog. There is a quote by Pearl S. Buck that I found in my planner a couple weeks ago that stuck with me. The quote is “Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment,”. It stuck with me because I have always been insecure about my writing and have kept poems and short stories hidden in my journals instead of sharing them with others. I have learned that doing this is not bringing me any closer to my goals because you can not improve without the feedback of others and you also can’t express yourself without sharing it with someone else. I am finally comfortable enough with myself to share what I have to say with other people and I hope that you my readers respond positively to what I have to say and share. I hope to meet new people and also grow more as a person. I’m ready for the new adventure and hope you tag along.

yours truly,

Montse xx

Still learning…