Breaking free 


2.21.16 Land’s End Trail, San Francisco

Some days it feels like everything that could possibly go wrong,  goes wrong. You miss the bus by 0.2 seconds, you spill coffee on your new favorite top, or you keep bumping into that one person you’ve been avoiding for months- we’ve all been there. Lately, I keep feeling like the good fortune I began 2016 with ran out and all odds are against me. This of course isn’t true at all, but my mind tends to blow small things out of proportion with constant overthinking and a tendency to think of the worst case scenario. I’m stuck in a funk where I feel that whatever I do is going to go wrong and so, of course, it does. How do you get out of feeling like everything you’ve done or tried to do is a disaster or failure? That has been the question bothering me for a couple days now. How do you get back up after having risen so much?

One of my favorite quotes is an old Japanese proverb that says “Fall seven times, Stand up eight”. This quote reminds me that no matter how many times I feel that I’ve hit rock bottom, I must get back up. So therefore sticking to this old Japanese saying, I’m going to stand up again.
I have complied a short list of things that help me get through a difficult period and hopefully these will help you as well.

  1.  Surround yourself by people you love 
    When we’re in a bad place, it’s good to go out with friends and blow off some steam. It’s nice to vent out to a good friend about how you just don’t feel like yourself lately. It will help you get those feelings out here and start focusing on the positive.
  2. Do things that make you happy
    In the midst of a life re-evaluation, it’s good to stick to doing what brings happiness. That could mean a great array of things whether that means dancing, writing, surfing, playing music, etc anything that will distract you. Doing things you like will distract you from dwelling on whatever it is that has been bringing you down lately, shifting your attention instead on being happy.
  3. Remember to keep your eye on the prize
    Even when you fall, you can’t stay on the ground and throw yourself a pity party. Get back up and try again, remember what your end goal is and picture yourself there.
  4. Don’t put yourself down
    It’s difficult to have confidence in yourself after you have just failed, but the more you keep thinking about the failure the less you do to try to come back from that place. It’s really easy to put yourself down and make yourself feel worse, but learn to forgive yourself. Remember all the great you’ve done and how much more you can do if you just try again.

  I’m trying to be okay again. Hiking, going on long walks, or adventures on my own always cheers me up, that is my escape. This week I visited Land’s End/Sutro Baths (pictured above) with two great friends and it helped clear my head. What do you do when you feel down?

I hope this post has found you well and inspired you to go do something awesome. love always,

Montse x

Breaking free 

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